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The reelection of Governor Yahaya Bello for the second term in office on 16 November 2019 was ferociously besieged with court cases which eventually ended at the Supreme Court on 31 August 2020.
His reelection set a historical record in Kogi State politics, being the first sitting Governor from a supposedly “minority tribe” to have regained his seat despite stiff opposition and campaign of calumny against his government and political ascension. The issue of where one comes from should ordinarily not have been a cardinal point or consideration in leadership but for pedestal political permutation and naivety. This is the jinx Governor Yahaya Bello broke and it has become the lamentation of the self-appointed apposition.
The relentless and patriotic efforts of Governor Yahaya Bello to neutralize tribal polarization and political exclusion in Kogi State brought him inexcusable hatred and fiendishness from the unexpected quarters. This is the major subterfuge behind sudden agitation by the naysayers to see him out of the office. The latter-day agitators have no interest in Kogi State at heart but desperately in pursuit of their mundane and selfish interest.
The last election brought to fore the unwarranted disdain against the Governor, not from the legion of good Kogites but from the microcosm of political decadents who resolved that the despicable political status quo in Kogi State should remain. The Governor like a “political gladiator” survived their deadly assaults and emerged victorious from political tempest and storms.
There is no gainsaying that the much-heralded electoral cases filed against the Governor to challenge his reelection were abundantly mischievous and vacuous political narrative in its heinousness rather than a cause to remedy political injustice or electoral malfeasance. It is not a surprise that a lot of voodoo analysis on the legal position of the electoral process that saw the Governor emerged a winner permeated media space and mostly canvassed in beer parlors.
The unbiased legal umpire the said naysayers trusted with their imaginary petitions has rightly passed a verdict that their petitions were an outright exercise in futility, lack any form of a scintilla of merit, waste of time, and gross abuse of judicial process. It is no way amazing that these unsatisfied political sepulchers set their attack dogs on the hallow judicial body, throwing caution to the wind and dancing savagely naked in the public glare.
The judgment passed by the supreme court; unanimously concurring with the Election Tribunal and Court of Appeal is nothing short of an incorruptible victory for Governor Yayaha Bello and the entire good people of Kogi State. It is a natural justice and a great attribute of fair hearing that he who alleges must prove. If you allege and you fail to prove, then the gods are not to blame.
The sweetest nectar of this incorruptible victory is Governor Yahaya Bello’s extending olive branch to all the “agitators” to come together to work with him to bring more progress and prosperity to the State. This selfless offer is still open.
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Barr Shadrach Emmanuel
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