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APC Leadership Merit Awards

This is to celebrate the achievements, programmes, and milestone of the APC led Administration in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It also to identify and recognize eminent Nigerians who have in exceptional ways furthered or contributed to the growth and developments of the party. The event is an opportunity for the leadership and membership of the party to come together.

The awards to be presented in the yearly event varies from one sector to the other, especially on education, health, electricity, food security, infrastructure, human rights, water supply, sanitation and so on.

The nominees for the awards must have recorded remarkable impacts with huge contributions for states and national developments from their respective initiatives, projects, policies, economic strategies, and humanitarian gestures.

It would be ascertained through thorough monitoring and evaluation of the policies, programmes, achievements and milestones of all APC leaders at the three tiers of government. It would be achieved through adequate and regular public project inspections, public opinion surveys (involving interviews, and administration of questionnaires, among others.

Aim and Objectives

  • The ultimate aim is to further deepen and strengthen the delivery of democratic dividends at the federal, states, and local government levels.
  • To consolidate and sustain democracy in Nigeria, and
  • To reposition the country better among democratic nations.

It will be categorized and held in the six (6) geopolitical zones at different times, while grand ceremonies would be held rotationally among APC states.

The annual award ceremonies are to promote healthy competitions among the leadership of the party and spur improved performance in service delivery and dividends of democracy.

The ceremony would be broadcast live through Television and Radio stations, YouTube channels, and interesting online broadcasters. Video highlights of the events are shared around the world and covered by news broadcasters to ensure global media exposure.

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