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Edo will be better under Ize-Iyamu

Yesterday, I explained to Governor Godwin Obaseki during a BBC interview how badly he handled the state’s economy during the COVID-19 crisis. As a self-acclaimed financial expert, he ought to have known that economy is all about planning, budgeting, and prioritizing. He did not concern himself with making agriculture a self-sustaining industry and did not bother with increasing healthcare capacity. His diversification plan has failed over four years.
He chose to tear down the house of assembly to rebuild. Although I have ample experience in economics, even an uneducated person knows that you don’t renovate your perfectly functional roof during the rainy season, and you don’t do it, especially when you’re having a financial crisis, as it was not even budgeted for.
I also let him know that it was not the best decision to have converted our children’s schools to markets. Edo can do better.
I can serve Edo better.
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