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Political Appointment Is Not The Only Evidence Of Successful Reconciliation – Ohikere

Despite my rather dim view of the world of politics, I have always wondered whether mutual love, that brings about so many miracles in our daily life, can also reconcile nation-states and individuals as people keep questioning my dramatic shifts from foe to an ally  of Yahaya Bello. This naive but profound conviction pushed me to focus on the cooperative aspect of government citizens relationships, especially between adjacent enemies.
Moral unease signalled a call for reconciliation, My relationship with Yahaya Bello before our fall out was very cordial until the instance of deep-rooted conflicting interest emerged which stymie efforts to rebuild the relationship persists for some times, nearly all through the first tenure of his administration. It is good to have a differential interest and gets parted because it has a way of shaping the future but it is best to give reconciliation a chance because it’s only on the atmosphere of peace that development and progress can thrive.
However, after all the unease moments I choose to reconcile with Yahaya Bello with the advice of family, friends and political associates but it is surprising to observe that the people who were fighting me and persuaded me to see reasons to reconcile with Yahaya Bello during the most intense periods of our seeming conflict – still harbor hostile feelings not only at the intergovernmental level but also at the intersocietal level doing everything to defame his administration, attacking my stands with Bello and raining insults on my personality saying I’m supporting Bello with nothing to show for it and so on.
I am a man of my words,  I am not a hustler begging for food, I am contented with the little I have. I do not rally round Bello because I need money or favour from him as perceived by some persons but I support him because he needs to be supported, he has proven himself beyond every reasonable doubt that he is the leader that Kogi needs at the moment. I have reconciled with him, therefore I am with him and for him,  I believe in his competencies and so far he has signalled the desire and intention to protect the interest of fellow citizens or officials and a commitment to fair play – a willingness to obey the rules of law.
However, I am not disputing the infallibility of Yahaya Bello and his arsenals but I have chosen to channel all my energy; internal and external mechanisms to project the positive side of his administration to the public while channeling all advice to his private contact and this I believe is the true essence of successful political reconciliation and not when national leaders shake hands Or when economic interaction becomes intensive. Building Kogi is a corporate responsibility and that is what we must do if truly we love our dear state by supporting the government.
In Conclusion, as a stakeholder in the  Kogi project, I owe a lot of my moral supports, encouragement, and commitment to the success of the state administration.
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