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London Bridge Business School Honors Tom Ohikere With A Doctoral Award

The Africa Institute of Public Administration (AIPA), an affiliate of the London Bridge Business School has conferred an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Public Administration DPA award on one of the Nigerian leaders, Dr. Tom Ohikere, a two-time commissioner of Information of Kogi and publisher of APC News Online on Saturday 5th of September 2020 at Nigeria’s country office, Abuja.
Speaking at the event, the Chairman Governing Council of the Africa Institute of Public Administration, Accra Ghana on the occasion of the investiture Ceremony while conferring the Honorary Doctorate Degree in Public Administration DPA to Dr. Tom Ohikere said that the choice of Ohikere for the first-ever single investiture ceremony of the Institute is as a result of his outstanding personality as a true ambassador, a role model, motivator, and pathfinder whose positive communication,  consistent leadership Style, track records of experience and dexterity have produced evident results and generated in others the instincts to do the same if not more.
“It is with immense pleasure that I welcome all of you to this historic occasion marking the 4th Investiture ceremony of the Africa Institute of Public administration for the Honorary Award Doctorate Degree in Public Administration by our learning partners on an illustrious son of Kogi state and identified humble leadership icon and creative thought leader in Africa. On behalf of the board of trustees, the governing council, management, and staff of the institute, I welcome you all to this auspicious occasion in order to launch out yet another enterprise star, role model, and motivator to the Africa space, who will go to the African community and grow more leaders.”
According to the Chairman, the Africa Institute of Public Administration AiPA, was established in 2010 in Ghana and today has spread across 12 other countries in Africa, is the continent’s professional education
platform founded on the ideal philosophy to offer practical finishing learning solutions to innovate and reshape the operationalization of management and leadership of government systems in Africa, most especially to drive a human capital revolution in the administration of policies, people, and resources to place governance at the center of development of the people in Africa.
“Today the institute has rolled out numerous trademark executive learning and public work system improvement diet that are research-based but practical in delivery. We are proud that we serve as the network Centre connecting and synchronizing leadership practices and experience within Africa, underpinning the lessons for country-level strategy, performance benchmarking, and in some case policy overhaul to strengthen the capacity of public institutions and governments for growth and advancement of states in Africa. Also through research efforts and strategic collaboration conducted empirically directed comparative appraisals of socio-economic developments of other regions vis-à-vis states in Africa in a peer-to-peer review protocol which draws inferences and lessons that contribute the public policy ecosystem in the governance of nations of Africa. “
AiPA has been at the forefront of constructing a leadership pipeline across Africa by the interface of the experienced icons with upcoming group leaders. Through our learning programs, engaging and publications, we walk our talk that AIPA is simply put; where leaders grow leaders. This is the primary goal and responsibility of any leadership.
AiPA has a regional education system in the study and practice of public administration, belongs to many professional organizations, and possesses the right accreditations for its operations as well as the necessary affiliation to superior academic institutions to make it stronger and more capable to deliver on its mandate. Today the Institute has obtained membership and accreditations of eight organizations including regulatory bodies like the  International Network for Quality Assurance AGENCIES IN Higher Education, Barcelona.  European Association for Public Administration Accreditation, Netherlands, and Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities, the UK among others.
Linkages and international collaborations and affiliations increase the velocity of the attainment of competency, academic, and institutional growth. Two years ago AIPA successfully attained full affiliation with the London Bridge Business School, UK, and signed a Bilateral Academic Agreement (BAA) which has greatly impacted the institutional performance of the Institute.
Given this arrangement, we identified the need to build a strong community and network of African leaders who are unleashing innovative leadership at micro levels across organizations, public institutions, and governments in Africa and bestow on them a drown that is befitting of their experience, contribution, dedication and sacrifice as a leader to stand them out as iconic examples that will inspire others.
“We have conducted three open ceremonies in London, Dubai, and Accra. Among this Gap of exemplary African leaders who have received the honor are Adamu Muhammed Bulkachuwa, a Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Daniel Lubuwa, Registrar in the Judiciary of Uganda, and Hon. Justice Stephen Kavuma, Deputy Chief Justice Emeritus of Uganda. Others include Walton Ekundayo, Managing Director of a leading bank in Sierra Leone, Dhadho Gaddae, H.E. Governor Tano River County of Kenya, Hon Pendukeni Ithana, Former Minister and members of parliament Namibia, Mpho Kuano of Botswana, Ernest Mintah of Ghana, Kimani Njoroge of Kenya, and Timothy Olawale, Director general of Employers Consultative Assembly, Nigeria, just to mention only a few.”
And hoped that this singular honor will give the awardee a deeper and wider roadmap to build a sense of commitment and innovations in the leadership and management of our common cause.
Receiving the award, Ohikere thanked the institution for the honors and promised to leverage on the teachings and leadership principles of the institution to better the lots of the Nigerian state and be more committed to his mission for the nation.
“I cherished the doctorate award coming from the London Bridge Business school, this singular honor and recognition by this prestigious institute is a welcomed motivation to do more”
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