The about our party cannot be hidden...We are making phenomenal progress


1. The Construction of modern railroads system
2. Construction of modern airport across the six geopolitical zones
3. Construction of good and durable roads across the states of the federation
4. Construction of power plants for the generation of electricity and gas production
5. Construction of good bridges
6. Construction of Housing Estates across the states of the federation
7. Buying of modern types of equipment for the Military and other security agencies in their fight against
terrorism, violence and Bokoharam insurgency fighters
8. Revolution in the agricultural sector to make Nigeria self-sufficient in food production.
9. Payment of workers salaries and other emoluments including pensioners as at when due
This and much more numerous to mention here.
The point we are making is that for many decades ago, Nigeria and Nigerians suffered gross infrastructural deficits despite the huge revenues that accrued to the government federation account and yearly budgetary allocations made for the provision of these critical infrastructural projects.
We never killed those who simply pocket those funds and pilfered our COMMONWEALTH AND PATRIMONY meant for the development of our comatose infrastructures across the states of the federation and left us bare. We never killed them but only questioned them with no answer. We only removed them from the office constitutionally through our votes.
Now allow us to celebrate and sing the praise of President Muhammadu Buhari administration and the APC government who is currently working assiduously using our scarce resources to work and develop our country for the good of all the citizens.
God bless Nigeria.
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