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Update of the ongoing Supreme Court proceedings on Kogi State

“In essence, with the records before us, do you want to continue with your issues 2 and 3 when PW19 has on his own evidence admitted that he is not qualified”!
Boda Okutepa was confused, he hesitated and so Justice Ngwuta said he should not worry.
CJN said in respect of Okutepa’s Brief. “If this is an examination and you submit this brief, you will fail!”.
Haba, this stage was set to humiliate and disgrace Okutepa. When you fight men of grace, you get disgraced.
“Na these justices go finish Okutepa’s career today”.
He is a fly that follows the corpse to the grave.
Yeye is smelling.
Credit: Kingsley Fanwo
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