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The Triumph of GYB and Lessons in Loyalty


The much anticipated November 11, Kogi state governorship election has come and gone almost in the flash of an eye, with my party, the All Progressive Congress (APC) trouncing its opponents with a landslide that defied the polls. A landslide engineered by our eminent Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello, the benefactor of our flagbearer, Alhaji Kabiru Usman Ododo, who was the auditor general of Local government. While many external observers saw the current feat as near impossible, GYB did not falter through out the course as he has overtime perfected his understanding of the electoral landscape of our dear state in the last 8 years.


The now famed “White Lion” understood the dynamics and intricacies of the Kogi state political and electoral landscape and rose to the occasion amid a gale of turncoats and betrayal in the murky sea of tribal politics that is characteristic of our national politics, that Kogi state came to minic on a miscrocosmic level.


The euphoria for a return of power to Kogi East particularly among the Igalas who are the majority buoyed by the joining of the race by the fomer deputy National Publicity Secretary of the APC, Muritala Ajaka popularly referred as Muri, who was the candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP). The ensuing scenario witnessed an embarrassing and almost unprecedented situation for the incumbent who thought his love for the youths and equitable of bringing new and virtually unknown personalities to the helm and corridors of power was enough to secure for him their admiration and absolute loyalty. But in the wave and melee of sentiments and to the surprise and rude shock of all, these aides of the governor and appointees of the administration decided to cast their lot with the opposing camp, particularly the Muri Ajaka camp with the tribal roar and agenda.

As one observers puts it, “It’s so unfortunate that it’s the people he so trusted that betrayed him. But what do you expect from scavengers turned into owners by force. Its really a pity. A lesson learnt too late. But I am happy he discovered these were mere rascals he picked. Its best that he discovered before handing over. May the Almighty Allah make it easy for him, Amin.


And for those who do not understand loyalty, may they continue to be backward. Loyalty has no 99%. Its 100% or nothing. Most importantly I am happy he called them out, the Riff raff’s.


Dr Tom Ohikere

CEO/Publisher APC Newsonline

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