The about our party cannot be hidden...We are making phenomenal progress

The removal of petrol subsidy is justifiable.

It is one of the best decisions this government has taken
In fact, it came a little late.
The government should go a step further,
Deregulate, totally.
It will save the country billions of subsidy dollars.
Trillions in naira, money lost in the murky waters of the subsidy program every year.
Our problem is illiteracy
A malignant form of illiteracy championed by the opposition
The PDP, from Atiku to Peter Obi,
From their blueprint to their white papers,
All promised removal of petrol subsidy
But today the same PDP is lamenting a slight jump in fuel prices.
It wants the government to force down prices
And Atiku and Peter Obi are silent.
This kind of thing doesn’t happen in China.
Our other problem is blind cynicism.
Many are slipping into lunacy.
Nothing done by this government can be good.
And they can bite themselves and bleed,
And turn around and say,
The government is responsible,
For driving them crazy.
Some people who asked for the abolition of all consumption subsidies are today crying about a market-dependent petrol price.
The government should make sure that when price decreases are announced the dealers affect immediate changes at the pumps too.

-Ugo Egbujo
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