The about our party cannot be hidden...We are making phenomenal progress

Some of the achievements of Senator Smart Adeyemi

For the Purpose of Records these and many are the Massive inputs of Distinguished Senator Smart Adeyemi (CON) to humanity
My boss you have given a lot to the Society and this really Speaks volume.
All these achievements and Projects are feasible and a lot have testified to this gesture.
Sometimes this month I posted some of your achievements on Facebook someone chatted me up and was saying he really appreciate what you have done in his life and that the Yellow stride Car he was one of the beneficiary and he said that has really made a lot of changes in his life Positively.
My mentor and role model you have given a lot of hopeless life hope and has reawaken them by massive Empowerment.
My boss your impacts and achievements in Kogi West and beyond is still Un-matchable.
You used your hard earned money to get those things as far as you impacted life you are Contended
You always Glamours for the best for the People through your Pragmatic, Proactive and dogged legislative aura and qualitative representation and Dividends of Democracy.
My father you are a rare gem and breed as given to humanity is your lifestyle
Your uncommon trait of leadership is uncommon and you have always display high sense of discipline, morality, decorum, maturity and intelligence in discharging your functions and responsibilities effectively and efficiently.
I posted these on my Facebook before the electioneering so I decided to refresh our memories with those massive inputs of Distinguished Senator Smart Adeyemi (CON) the Talakawas and masses Senator.
More grease to your elbow my boss and may Almighty God replenish your efforts.
Prof Femi
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