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Pastor Ize-Iyamu received honorary title as the ‘Oyakhire of Ora clan

Earlier yesterday, I was given an honorary title as the ‘Oyakhire of Ora clan’ by the Okpojenaga of Ora in recognition of my past achievements in government and my commitment to service.
The Oyakhire title, meaning the ‘one who has come to wipe our tears’, is both a mark of honor and a powerful message of hope.
The past four years have been bad for our people across the state and they are investing their trust in me – and the All Progressives Congress – to wipe away their tears and return the state back on the path of growth and development with a responsible, competent, and humane government. I will not betray their trust.
I will wipe away the tears of farmers who can no longer access their farmlands because of insecurity and are denied access to support funds that they really need.
I will wipe away the tears of our children whose right to [quality] education is threatened by a combination of factors, including an appalling pupil-teacher ratio because the government has refused to hire teachers.
I will wipe away the tears of our youths who cannot complete their studies because their schools have been forced on strike and lecturers turned protesters by the state government – or those who at home, forlorn because there are no jobs.
I will wipe away the tears of Edo people who now live in fear of criminals because the governor has refused to invest the over 600 million naira monthly he receives as security vote in the security of the state.
Together, with your support and votes, we can usher in a new dawn.
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