The about our party cannot be hidden...We are making phenomenal progress


Dr Umar Ganduje, former governor of Kano State and currently the national chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) has paid his dues and has continued to play his part in the advancement of our nation and humanity.  As a political leader, he advocates the building of a party structure that affects all members for good.


No wonder after his tenure as governor of Kano State he left a legacy of infrastructural and human capital developments. It was not surprising that he was called upon to lead the APC as national chairman.


The qualities of the astute politician that makes him successful in almost all of his political quest are enormous. He has been described as one politician who never loses focus by always making sure that the quality of the programmes prepared and propagated by his party during the campaigns for elections were never compromised.


That is why many analysts are of the view that the President made a good choice when he was looking for an ideal man to recruit and support for the national chairmanship position. As a leader, Ganduje would always tell you the truth as it is because he believes the APC has so many grounds to cover to build a party worthy of trust and support of all Nigerians.


Under his watch, the APC can be described as a success because it is once again living up to the expectations of its founding fathers and its members. This has united the party and brought peace back to it. This attribute is helping the party to successfully build bridges between the Christians and the Muslims, between the North and the South. He is an inspirational leader who can reach out to all.


His recent comments after the Supreme Court judgement is instructive. This has shown that he is a man who craves for peace, and a politician who believes in the rule of law. He has consistently shown that he has the capacity to rise above corrupt tendencies.


All the members of the ruling APC today are happy because the chairman is bringing his unmatched integrity to bear in the affairs of the party and the nation in general. He is today setting the needed standard that is expected of a party.


His politics revolves around the conviction that no one no matter his status should be left behind but must be assisted to fulfil his or her destiny. His residence is a Mecca for both the rich and the poor. He is always on the side of the masses who see him as their greatest defender because he acknowledges that even though the world is filled with pain, he chooses to be intensely compassionate.


Dr Tom Ohikere, founder, APC NewsOnline



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