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I Won With 70,000 Votes, Tinubu Got 66,000 From My Senatorial District–Osita Izunaso

In an interview with Arise, the senator-elect for Imo west senatorial district, Osita Izunaso, declared that Bola Tinubu, the APC’s presidential candidate, received the support of his constituents.


When people claim that people from the south and east did not support the newly elected president, he added, they should keep in mind that Bola Tinubu received 66,000 votes from his senatorial constituency during the general election.


He said that his constituents supported him in the most recent election as well as Bola Tinubu because they thought the latter would run for senate president if they won.


When he runs for Senate president, he claims his supporters would know he is not the type of guy who would desert them.


In the local government where I was raised, Osita Izunaso stated, “I received 21,000 votes, while our presidential candidate received 18,000 votes. 70,000 votes were needed to win this election. From my senatorial district, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu received 66,000. Therefore, when people claim that the South-East did not support him (Bola Tinubu), my people supported him.


They are aware of our direction and understand that we will be moving towards the Senate President’s office if we win this election. They already know I won’t become senate president and turn my back on my constituents, which is why they supported both the APC presidential candidate and me in the election.

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