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Gana’s killing: Benue groups ask FG to set up commission of inquiry

Socio-cultural groups comprise Mdzough U Tiv, Ochtoha’Idoma, and Omi’Ngede in Benue State have called on the Federal Government to set up a commission of inquiry into the killing of the state’s most wanted criminal, Terwase Akwaza, aka Gana.

The leader of the groups, a retired Comptroller General of Prisons, Iorbee Ihagh, in a statement on Saturday, condemned Gana’s killing and described it as a conspiracy against the Tiv.

Ihagh, who is also the President-General of Mdzough U Tiv Worldwide, said the killing of Gana, who had surrendered and on his way to accept the government’s amnesty, amounted to extrajudicial killing.

Ihagh said the Tiv nation frowned on the criminal activities perpetrated by Gana adding that the criminal ought to have been investigated and handed over to the police for prosecution, “especially when he had renounced his wayward life.”

Ihagh said the commission of inquiry if set up, might expose the reasons why the military killed Gana.

Ihagh also called on the military to release other repentant militiamen arrested alongside Gana and those in custody so they could continue with the amnesty program.

He said, “The Tiv socio-cultural group, Mdzough U Tiv, as well as other socio-cultural groups in the state, Ochitoha’Idoma, and Omi’igede, condemn the manner Gana was killed. It was an extrajudicial murder.

“We see this as a conspiracy against the Tiv nation. Why did you kill someone who had voluntarily surrendered? This thing (criminality) happens in South-West, South-South, Niger Delta, Katsina State, and the North-East and nobody was killed. Rather, you grant them (criminals) amnesty and train them with the nation’s resources.

“After he was arrested, he should have been interrogated and handed over to the police for prosecution. The military lied that someone who had surrendered engaged soldiers in a shoot-out.”


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