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Federal Government Gets Proclamation of Regulations For APIS.

The federal government has obtained the proclamation of the regulations for the Advance Passenger Information System (APIS) in line with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards.


The government said the development would now enable the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) to obtain passenger data and other vital information ahead of their visit to the country and screen them accordingly.


The minister of interior, Olubunmi Tunji-Ojo, disclosed this at a meeting with the British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Dr. Richard Montgomery.


“Nigeria has struggled with this project since 2003. I am happy to inform you that we have it now. Obviously, this will help in further securing our borders”, the Minister said.


“With the recent development, Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS) now has the capacity to screen people in an objective manner as the solution developed is linked with Interpol 24/7 which enables them to know and query the database of travelers.

“Before people come to Nigeria now, we have the opportunity of knowing who they are, querying their database and of course, the solution developed is linked with Interpol 24/7, so we have the capacity to screen people in an objective manner. We had to remove subjectivity from our dictionary with regards to border control as possible”, the minister said.


Tunji Ojo said all the e-gates installed at the International Airports in Nigeria are intelligence gates of UK standards, stating that the projects demonstrated the level of collaboration and faith that Nigeria has in the border control capability of the United Kingdom.

“The e-gate screens in 24 seconds. This is the fastest that was seen.



“We are doing a lot in border control; we will still do more. We are building a solar band of 1 Mega Watt to be able to power all critical infrastructure of the NIS. We believe that by doing this people will begin to have faith in Nigeria”, he said.


The minister in a statement signed by the director of press in the ministry, Ozoya Imohimi also alluded to the ongoing reforms in the Federal Fire Service, saying that the government has invested massively in the Fire Academy in Abuja to achieve the world-class standards.


“We are investing very massively in our Fire Academy in Abuja, and we thought we need to understudy the fire and emergency response system in the United Kingdom. By the Constitution of Nigeria, the main responsibility of government is the security and protection of lives and property.


Fire service is critical in that regard. In a country of 200 million people and with an emerging economy; it is important for us to have a vibrant fire service”, Tunji-Ojo said.


He said the government is working on the amendment of the Federal Fire Service Act to upgrade to a Fire Rescue and Safety Service, as safety is important to issue of today.

“I know that fire and emergency response in the UK is top-notch. We need to get the best solution in the world, and it has to be something you can benchmark.”

According to him, the fire academy would not only be for building the capacity of Nigerians but also serve as a training hub for West Africa.


The British High Commissioner, Montgomery congratulated Nigeria for the progress made so far in the Passport system.


The High Commissioner expressed the desire of the UK authorities to collaborate with Nigeria to enhance the efficiency of fire and emergency response systems and boost capacity management and the National Resilience Programme amongst others.

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