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Something is wrong with Wailers

Some Nigerians will praise an airport in Ethiopia funded and built by the Chinese.
Ethiopia has racked up $14bn in Chinese loans.
Nearly half of their foreign debt is owed to one country ( China ) tied to infrastructure.
Ethiopia with $91bn GDP, same with Lagos, 54% debt to GDP ratio budget balance of – 3.2% of GDP.
No noise on sovereignty or repayment.
But Nigeria with 5 times the GDP of Ethiopia, 16% debt to GDP ratio, and $3bn owed representing 3% of our foreign loans were shouting sovereignty yen yen yen… China will take over the country.
Pained most when I saw a veteran journalist posting a video of how the national anthem would be recited in the Chinese language in years to come.
From someone who should know better ooo.
Or is it a case of he pays the piper
<<King Raji
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