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Edo 2020: I Don’t Waste Money Like You – Ize Iyamu Slams Obaseki During Live Debate [VIDEO]

The much expected Edo governorship debates are currently going on and as expected, the salvos and punchlines are continuously flying back and forth as the two front line candidates, Pastor Ize Iyamu of the APC and the incumbent and candidate of the PDP, Godwin Obaseki go head to head in determining who is best fit for the position of governing the state.

The debates, as organized by channels televisions took a dramatic turn when the incumbent governor of Edo state and the PDP candidate, Godwin Obaseki took a swipe at the APC candidate, Pastor Ize Iyamu, asking him where he hoped to get the over N500Billion he allegedly earmarked for the development of infrastructure in the state in his first term.

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The APC candidate, Pastor Ize Iyamu had earlier mentioned quite a large number of things and projects he wished to present in his first term as governor, and the bewildered Obaseki had wondered how and where he, Ize Iyamu was hoping to get the money from.

Ize Iyamu, while responding rather cast aspersions on Obaseki saying he was not as wasteful as he was.

He also said as far as financial management was concerned, that he was a very prudential manager of resources and he would definitely not spend recklessly.

Speaking further, Ize Iyamu added that he hoped the COVID-19 pandemic would soften a bit so that the state’s resources would be restored.

Immediately after his speech, there was a rather note of rejection of his answer as the crowd did not fully take that as an answer.

Obviously, the APC candidate dodged the question as he still did not reveal and state in clear terms, where he hoped to get the money he was hoping to use in developing the state as he had earlier bragged.

Reactions from the Channels TV twitter page also has most Nigerians slamming the APC candidate for dodging the question put to him by Obaseki.


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