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APC Merit Award will Ensure Productivity in the Affairs of the Party- Jagaban


House of Representatives member, representing Ibadan North, Hon. Akinremi Olaide Adewale also known as the JAGABAN of Oyo State has praised the national Secretariat 0f the All Progressive Congress (APC) and the APC NewsOnline for instituting the APC leaders Merit award, saying it would encourage more stakeholders involvement in the affairs of the party and in public leadership in all levels of society.


Akinyemi made this known on Wednesday when he spoke to the APC NewsOnline team when they paid a courtesy call to him in his office at the National Assembly complex in Abuja.


He said while conflicts are bound to recur in the fold as factions jostle for predominance but such mechanisms provide opportunities to douse them.


Akinyemi said, “I want to thank the organisers of this Merit award. This is the first of its kind in Nigeria. So I am very happy. This will encourage a lot of our people. Reward does not mean they should put money in your pocket.


“Ordinary thank you can go a long way and this is what you are doing. I believe it is not only me and we appreciate what you are doing. So this will encourage the party stakeholders to do more in the hope that someone will remember them some day.


Speaking further, Akinyemi also lauded the renewed hope administration for the paradigm shift in the business of governance, while admonishing patience and active citizens engagement.


He said, “I feel happy that we have this President. Right now we might be facing one or two hurdles, in terms of the economy but you know Rome was not built in a day. All these economic issues we are facing today didn’t start in Asiwaju’s time.


“Even if we bring a saint we will experience the same thing. But God has given us the men who understand the job. I can assure you that in the next one to two years Nigeria will start feeling the positive impact of the renewed hope agenda, Akinyemi stated.

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