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Yobe is a state located in Northeastern Nigeria. A mainly agricultural State, it was created on August 27, 1991. Yobe State was carved out of Borno State. The capital of Yobe State is Damaturu; its largest city in Potiskum.

Nickname(s): Pride of the Sahel


  • Governor: Mai Mala Buni (APC)
  • Deputy Governor: Idi Barde Gubana


  • Ahmed Ibrahim Lawan
  • Ibrahim Gaidam
  • Ibrahim Mohammed Bomoi


The state borders four states: Bauchi, Borno, Gombe, and Jigawa. It borders to the North the Diffa and Zinder Regions of Niger. Because the state lies mainly in the dry savanna belt, conditions are hot and dry for most of the year, except in the southern part of the state which has more annual rainfall.


Yobe State came into being on 27 August 1991. It was carved out of the old Borno State by the Babangida administration. Yobe State was created because the old Borno State was one of Nigeria’s largest states in terms of land area and was therefore considered to be too large for easy administration and meaningful development. Ethnic rivalries within the old Borno State also contributed to the decision.


The major ethnic groups living in Yobe State are the Kanuri and Fulani, while other major ethnic communities include Bolewa, Ngizim, Karai-Karai, Bade, Hausa, Ngamo, Shuwa, Bura, Margi and Manga.


Languages of Yobe State listed by LGA:

Bade Bade      Duwai

Bursari             Bade

Damaturu        Yerwa Kanuri

Fika                 Bole

Karekare         Ngamo

Fune                Karekare, Bura

Geidam           Yerwa Kanuri

Gujba              Yerwa Kanuri

Gulani             Maaka

Jakusko           Bade

Nangere           Karekare

Nguru              Yerwa Kanuri

Potiskum         Karekare, Ngizim

Other languages of Yobe State are Bura-Pabir, Manga Kanuri, and Zarma.


The population is mainly Muslim. Sharia law is valid. However, there are Christians in the State although no Roman Catholic diocese has its seat in the state.

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