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Yobe flags-off seasonal malaria chemo-prevention strategy

As part of efforts to ensure a healthy society, Yobe State Government through the Primary Health Care Management Board has on Friday flag-off ceremony for the 2020 Sea­sonal Malaria Chemo-prevention (SMC) campaign at the palace of Emir of Damaturu.

In his opening address, the Executive Secretary, Yobe State Primary Health Care Manage­ment Board, Dr. Babagana Kun­di Machina, represented by an official of the Board, Dr. Umar Chiromari, informed that in 2019 Yobe State Government in collabo­ration with development partners conducted a mass campaign for the distribution of Two Million Three Hundred Thousand Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets across the State as part of the efforts at protecting the people from malar­ia in addition to the other Malaria prevention and control interven­tions such as environmental sani­tation and supply and distribution of antimalarial and other essential drugs.

Seasonal Malaria Chemo­prevention (SMC) is the cyclical administration of preventive an­timalarial drugs during the peak period of malaria transmission with the aim of preventing ma­laria illness and death in children under the age of five years.

According to him “this inter­vention has been shown to be effective in reducing up to 75% of malaria illness and death in under-five children. Last year, SMC was implemented in & LGA in Yobe State. This year, for the first time, SMC will be implemented in all LGAS in Yobe State.

“Malaria has been an endemic disease in tropical Africa with an estimated 90% of the total Malaria incidence and death occurring in the region: particularly among Pregnant Women and Children, We all know that malaria is a major cause of absenteeism from school and workplaces and a very major contributor to dis­abilities and deaths in the society. Therefore the socio-economic importance of malaria cannot be over-emphasized”.

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