The about our party cannot be hidden...We are making phenomenal progress

Victory in Progress Come 2023

Simplicity on the other side of complexity, the mark of mastery of his people.
We see him to be a conscious leader and a fully realized human being.
Asiwaju Bola Ahmad tinubu, is courageous but also humbled and his quest for profound self-knowledge that leads to truth and the ability to work with the devotion of love is visible…
Some leaders seek the power of fame, some seek the power of money, others seek control over others, and a handful seek to empower others and I believe Senator Bola Ahmed tinubu is among the handful who’s ultimate goals has always been to empower others.
Congratulations are in order. As we are about to record a landslide of victory come 2023. The support is massive, Quoting the director, diaspora directorate APC Tinubu-Shettima’s presidential Campaign council(PCC) Mr Ade Omole.
The presidential Candidate of the All progressive congress has track records of unprecedented accomplishments during his days as Lagos State governor to show for his bid to succeed president Muhammad Buhari.
Continuity is one of the major symbol of the APC and Bola Tinubu has the capacity to make Nigeria the envy of other nations by virtue of the party’s manifesto and his Action plan. “
The manifesto is very rich, especially on national security, economy, power, oil and gas, foreign policy, health care and education showed someone who is prepared, compared to another candidate who said they do not need manifestos.
“Tinubu as a wealth creator will encourage more investments from Nigerians in Diaspora as well as other foreign investments and provide viable business opportunities in the country. “The APC Presidential candidate will ensure continued improvement in businesses, the environment, governance and the quality of service from institutions,”
We remain focused, united and with our eyes on the ball, not considering any distraction from the opposition. “Our goal is to ensure a Tinubu presidency come 2023, so we can, through the instrumentality of government, turn the current challenges in the country into opportunities.
“We desire to positively impact the lives of Nigerians while making the country the envy of other nations,” Omole said.
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