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Tinubu returns to Nigeria, after Umrah

By our reporter
Fresh from participating in the lesser hajj (called Umrah) in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, presidential candidate of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has returned to Nigeria today.


Tinubu had earlier said that he embarked on the trip to observe lesser hajj to seek spiritual rebirth and pray for Nigeria.


In an interview with Kano’s leading independent radio outfit, Freedom Radio, the APC flag bearer said he had ”just finished” observing seven rounds between Safa and Marwa.

Analysts say the hectic nature of the exertions by pilgrims is not for the physically faint. They point out that no sick person can participate in these rounds, stressing that Tinubu’s successful participation put the lie on political rivals who claim that he is sick.

Tinubu said: “I just finished performing the Umrah. I did the seven rounds of tawaf. I did the seven trips between Safa and Marwa by myself.

“I am here in Saudi Arabia. It is a personal trip. It is a trip for spiritual rebirth. I like coming to perform the Umrah every now and then. It is an opportunity to connect with Almighty Allah, Lam ya lid wa lam yulad.

“We need His guidance. Nigeria is in need of prayers, and that is why we are here praying for our country, self and society.”

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