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The Purported Suspension Of Alh Murtala Yakubu Ajaka ( MURI )


The attention of IGALA MANDATE GROUP has been drawn to a fake letter making the rounds purportedly signed by the Exco of Ajaka Ward I suspending Alh Muri from membership of the ward.
Ordinarily, this Organization would not have dignified the originators of this joke with a reply but for the fact that it was a cruel joke carried too far.


This ill-conceived comedy should have no place among our people as it wrongly depicts Igala people as either ungrateful or mischief makers. Muri woke up APC in Igala land.


First Report.We can confirm that the attempt to plot an Oshiomole-type of suspension on Alh Muri was hatched by one of the Commissioners in Gov Yahaya Bello’s government who hails from Idah Federal constituency. His co-traveller is a disgraced former member of Kogi State House of Assembly (from Alh Muri’s LGA) who was recently rehabilitated by APC and Alh Muri.


The two despicable characters are being used by a desperate gubernatorial aspirant.


Role of Money-  The plotters and executioners were heavily induced financially. The so called meeting of 17th March, 2023 never held, even as the signatures of people were forged.


Our View-  a joke by irresponsible musketeers whose intention is to undermine the collective resolve of lgala people who have chosen to give Alh Muri their mandate.Their inglorious plan to truncate Alh Muri’s steady movement to Lugard House is reprehensible. It is condemnable.


Our Action- Apart from ensuring a thorough investigation to bring out these bad eggs, we shall place appropriate sanction on the culprits.


Information- Consider Alh Muri and his Team on top of the situation in respect of this silly move by habitual political jobbers.


Work and Pray – Let us work hard and seek the face of Almighty God to keep away the evil thoughts of our political detractors.

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