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Olusegun Dada: A Key Player in Tinubu’s Administration, Spearheading Social Media Influence

Social media’s influence in the dynamic world of politics cannot be understated. Social media has evolved into a crucial battleground for politicians looking to gain an advantage due to its power to sway public opinion and mobilize support.


In this environment, one man stands out as a powerful force and a staunch supporter of President Tinubu – Olusegun Dada. His unshakeable dedication and extraordinary abilities make him an indispensable member of Tinubu’s administration, notably in the area of social media.


A Dynamic Young Leader:

Olusegun Dada embodies youthful vitality, intelligence, and invention. He has often demonstrated his bright mind and astute political savvy, emerging as a prominent actor in the political arena.


His steadfast commitment to President Tinubu’s beliefs and vision has made has made him a standout figure in the All Progressives Congress (APC).


A Social Media Maven:


Dada’s prowess in social media is unmatched. With an innate understanding of the power of online platforms, he has harnessed this digital force to defend President Tinubu against all odds.


From skillfully navigating through the ever-changing landscape of social media algorithms to employing captivating storytelling techniques, Dada has successfully crafted a digital narrative that resonates with the masses.


Beyond mere defense, Dada’s proactive approach in utilizing social media platforms has allowed him to spearhead the dissemination of Tinubu’s policies and achievements to a broader audience.


His ability to craft compelling messages, engage with diverse communities, and foster meaningful conversations has made him a vital bridge between the administration and the citizens.


Unyielding Loyalty:


Olusegun Dada’s loyalty to President Tinubu is unquestionable. His commitment goes beyond personal gain, as he wholeheartedly believes in Tinubu’s transformative vision for the nation.


Olusegun Dada’s loyalty to President Tinubu is unquestionable. His commitment goes beyond personal gain, as he wholeheartedly believes in Tinubu’s transformative vision for the nation.


Despite facing criticism and scrutiny, Dada has stood resolute in his support, ready to face the firing squad if necessary. This unwavering loyalty serves as a testament to his character and dedication to the cause.


A Powerful Ally:


With his profound understanding of the inner workings of social media and its impact on politics, Olusegun Dada brings invaluable expertise to Tinubu’s administration.


By harnessing the power of digital platforms, Dada has the potential to amplify the administration’s message, build strong grassroots support, and counter opposition narratives effectively.


Furthermore, Dada’s strategic thinking and ability to adapt to evolving trends make him a trusted advisor to President Tinubu. His insights and recommendations in the realm of social media influence can help shape policies, communications strategies, and public engagement initiatives that resonate with the aspirations and concerns of the people.


Beyond his social media mastery, Dada’s sacrifice for the greater good is noteworthy. Although he was an aspirant for the position of national youth leader of the APC, halfway through the convention, he made the selfless decision to step down.


This act of humility and putting the party’s interests before his own ambitions showcases his dedication to the cause and his commitment to building a strong and united APC.


Osigwe Omo-Ikirodah is the Chairman and CEO of Bush Radio Academy

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