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NATIONAL COMPETENCE Vs NATIONAL UNITY: The First Litmus Test of our incoming APC government.

It has always been an idealistic assumption that we must drop all primordial considerations for the best of ourselves and society to emerge. This stems from the question of giving merit and ‘competence’ the upper hand against all other considerations in our national and political advancement.


While this has forever seemed like an illusion, we have devised various strategies to ensure that national integration and cohesion is maintained, while we continue to strive towards national competence i.e quota system and zoning of critical national political Offices. The argument has also been advanced that, within the scope of national unity, competence can be interrogated, accommodated and achieved.


As no region or zone is in short supply of competent individuals for any national assignment however critical it maybe. But wait a bit. Now, the politics of volume of votes has just equally entered the mix. It is the reason for the current seeming lock-jam in the APC, with respect to the emergence of the Senate President of the 10th National Assembly. It is now the newest innovation in power negotiations at the national level.


When our President-Elect, H.E Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, made his famous declaration of Government of National Competence trumping the clamour for government of national unity, little did we know that soon, that statement will be put to the test, even before the commencement of his administration.


The Senate Presidency contest is thus putting us all to test already. The President-Elect made that statement obviously to set the stage for Nigerians to have an inkling as to the kinds of persons that will be making the list of his Ministers and other Appointments, especially at the topmost echelon. That statement now stands to be tested, if national competence will trump the inclusion or otherwise of some zones in the critical affa

Hon. Aliu Asipita AbdulMuluku

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