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Kogi Guber Race: Vote Alhaji Ododo Ahmed Usman, the Torchbearer of Progress and Experience, Needed for the Next Phase

As Kogi electorates gear up and the governorship election in the state becomes a reality on Saturday, affording the voters the opportunity to decide the future by electing their preferred candidate, it is pertinent to carefully consider the quality of candidates put forward on the various political platforms and their antecedents.


Without parochial sentiments, one candidate who stands out from the rest and in a class of his own one would say is Alhaji Ododo Ahmed Usman (OAU), the former Auditor General of the local government under the incumbent administration of Governor Yahaya Bello.


Ododo, a man described by many as a visionary leader, a son of a farmer with great love for his people who did not forget his roots but went back to his humble beginnings where he started off in the farm when destiny smiled on him as government appointee – establishing a farm where over three hundred workers are engaged and earning their daily livelihood. An action which is only but a pointer to an innate desire of a man who loves to positively impact on the lives of his people and sees to the improvement of their livelihood, rather than invest in proceeds that are more about personal gains or political aggrandizement.


Being intimately familiar with the challenges of the state, Ododo is the ideal choice to lead Kogi State into a more prosperous future because he possesses the necessary skills and knowledge. The the kind of leader who has conquered self with a clear-cut vision and hope for the people, having garnered experience over the years on his given assignment and the world around him with a deep sense of purpose and understanding of the daily challenges the people of the state are confronted with.


Ododo’s experience as the former Auditor General of the local government under Governor Yahaya Bello’s administration sets him apart from other contestants. He is knowledgeable and has witnessed firsthand the limitations and issues faced by the people, especially the teachers and LGA staff, to which he has actively participated and contributed to proffering solutions.


It is undeniably true that other contestants are not familiar with the problems deeply rooted in the fabric of the state, having not been a part of the kitchen cabinet of the present government; hence, they will have to learn on the job at the detriment of the developmental turnaround ongoing in the state by the led administration of Governor Bello.


Governor Yahaya Bello’s administration has made significant strides in various areas, including agricultural development, improved health sectors, security architecture, empowerment, youth and women inclusiveness in politics, enhanced unity within the state, and infrastructural development. Ododo, as a candidate of the governing All Progressive Congress who has served in this administration, is well-positioned to consolidate on these achievements. He understands the importance of continuity and will work tirelessly to build upon the foundation laid by Governor Bello.


The authorities of the Fancy Media Team appeal to the people of Kogi State to shun all regressive and primordial agendas and vote for Alhaji Ododo Ahmed Usman and his Deputy Comrade Joel Oyibo Salifu, to ensure that the progress achieved thus far is sustained and further amplified.

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