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Gunshots rock Jattu as Philip Shaibu’s thugs go on rampage, invade venue of APC rally

Armed thugs mobilized by Edo Deputy Governor, Mr. Philip Shaibu, have occupied the venue of APC’s rally in Jattu, Edo North Senatorial District, and are scaring away residents and other supporters of the APC with gunshots, multiple reports have shown.

The thugs, chanting war songs, have insisted on preventing the APC rally from holding as the Deputy Governor, Mr. Philip Shaibu, is keen on demonstrating his capacity for violence to Governor Godwin Obaseki and other members of the PDP who are battling him for the control of the PDP campaign funds.

Multiple eye-witnesses in Jattu confirmed the arrival of the armed thugs in a convoy personally led by Mr. Philip Shaibu at Jattu junction where they proceeded to the venue of the APC rally, shooting recklessly and causing terror.

Some residents are presently fleeing the area for safety as some of the thugs pour on the streets reportedly seeking out leaders of the APC to attack.

Mr. John Mayaki, the chairman of the Edo APC Media Campaign Council who confirmed the incident, accused the Deputy Governor of masterminding the attack and invasion.

He said the thugs have since been hired and lodged in hotels by Mr. Philip Shaibu who preceded the carefully-planned attack on its party and leaders with a false petition to the Police to deflect attention from himself and blame the violence on others.

He said: “The PDP has continued its attack on our campaign with armed thugs, militias, and other groups. Yesterday in Owan East, thugs invaded all three venues of our campaign events, breaking chairs, and destroying facilities in the area.”

“These thugs were driven to the event venues under heavy protection supplied by the Deputy Governor, Philip Shaibu, who is the mastermind of the recent attacks.”

“Today in Jattu, he has charged the thugs to ensure that no APC rally takes place because the sheer number of residents who are planning to attend will expose his rejection to the whole world and advertise his defenestration as a good-for-nothing liability on the PDP ticket.”

“From the start, his inclusion on the ticket was an afterthought as Obaseki was willing and ready to sell him out in his negotiations with the PDP. He had to force himself in and he continues to face internal resistance from members of the party over control of their stolen loot designated for the campaign.”

“The shootings and violence ongoing in Jattu are happening at the behest of Mr. Philip Shaibu for the singular reason of repressing the voices of the same people he pretends to represent in government.”

“We are also aware of the three hotels fully booked in Okpella where he is lodging another retinue of armed thugs to continue their attack on our campaign.”

“We have called the Commissioner of Police and will follow that with a petition to the IGP for the investigation of Philip Shaibu’s activities in Edo North, especially his convoy which has now become nothing but an official transport service of thugs and illegal arms for violent attacks.”


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