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Gov Poll: ‘Imo People Rejected Them’, Uzodimma Tackles Opponents

The Imo State Governor, Hope Uzodimma, asserted on Friday that the charter of equity was critical in the electorate rejecting the opposition in the off-cycle election that was held last Saturday.


Uzodimma made the remarks on Friday during the presentation of his certificate of return by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in Owerri, the state capital.


“Since I am from Orlu, these leaders endorsed me for a second term and final tenure. They made an appeal to the Imo people that only those from the Orlu zone should contest the last election because the charter does not abridge the constitutional rights of anybody,” he said.


“Our brothers from Owerri and Okigwe still contested, but the people rejected them. They rejected them because they swam against the tide, which the charter of equity represents.”


The governor emphasised that the Imo Charter of Equity, designed to maintain peace and order in the state’s leadership transition, had recommended candidates solely from the Orlu zone.


But he pointed out that because these candidates defied popular opinion, the electorate rejected them.


Uzodinma also stressed the vital role played by the charter of equity in his reelection, asserting that voters endorsed it to guarantee smooth future elections in the state.


“In other words, apart from my performance, the charter of equity played a key role in my reelection,” he said.


“People voted to support the charter so that going forward, our electoral process in the state will be rancour-free and less expensive.”


Furthermore, he indicated that a significant outcome of the charter of equity during his tenure would be the emergence of a governor from the Owerri Zone in 2027.



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