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For Godwin Obaseki, Edo Remains Lagos

(1) In 2016, Godwin Obaseki rubbed himself on the floor of Lagos vigorously before Senator Bola Tinubu begging for support to govern Edo. He got elected!
(2) Those who organized Governor Obaseki’s Alaghodaro’s fraudulent first year in office were imported from Lagos because Edo people did not matter!
(3) Again, those who superintended Governor Obaseki’s Alaghodaro’s failed 2-year in office from the mouth of Dan Orbhi, PDP, and the generality of Edo people were imported from Lagos!
(4) The cooks who cooked the food in Lagos and the kitchen-hands who microwaved the stalled food served in Edo State for the Alaghodaro’s conference, first and second time were imported from Lagos!
(5) The Mechanic Lady who fixes vehicles for government officials inside government house was imported from Lagos by Godwin Obaseki!
(6) The welders who worked at Samuel Ogbemudia Stadium while the Governor was carrying out minimal renovation at the stadium were imported from Lagos!
(7) Governor Obaseki’s numerous aides who constitute a major drain on Edo resources like TJ were imported from Lagos!
(8) Ukinebor-Dare, the Director-General of Edo Jobs who scammed the scamming Governor Godwin Obaseki over nonexistent 200,000 jobs was imported from Lagos!
(9) Governor Obaseki’s first house was built in Lagos, not in Edo before he criminally bought and built several houses across the globe!
(10) Governor Obaseki’s empty 3-year in-office celebration tagged Alaghodaro’s conference was held in Lagos this year, not in Edo State.
(11) Governor Godwin Obaseki himself was imported from Lagos by Comrade Adams Oshiomhole in 2008!
(12) Godwin Obaseki’s hurried marriage ceremony contracted at the eve of his 2016 governorship election which was conducted under the cover of night was done in Lagos!
(13) Edo only seized to be Lagos when Governor Obaseki’s second term ambition in office hit a brick wall in 2020!
(14) Edo will remain Lagos and Godwin Obaseki will return to Lagos after August 19th!
By Erasmus Ikhide
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