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Education will get Priority Attention – Tinubu

All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate Asiwaju Bola Tinubu has said that Nigerians would have unrestricted access to education as entrenched in the Constitution under his watch.


He also promised to develop new accreditation standards for all institutions of learning from primary to tertiary levels if elected next year.


A new curriculum to promote national unity and pride, as well as the entrepreneurial spirit, will also be developed for primary and secondary schools, according to him.


These were contained in his 80-page campaign document tagged “Renewed Hope 2023 – Action Plan for a Better Nigeria.” The document was unveiled on Friday at the Banquet Hall of the State House, in Abuja.


Unveiling his plan for the education sector, Tinubu said: “As a matter of pragmatism, as well as principle, our progressive government will treat education as a natural and constitutional right for all Nigerians.”


To actualise this, the former Lagos governor planned to reform the sector focusing on quality, access, funding, management, effectiveness and competitiveness.


He stated that the reform will be based on ensuring an abundance of qualified and capable educators, creating safe and conducive learning environment and improving educational outcomes.


In the document, Tinubu also proposes to set up a committee of representatives of the private sector and leaders in the educational sector to prepare a curriculum that closely matches educational instruction with the actual projected needs of the private sector.


He said: “A modern standard curriculum will be developed and implemented in all primary and secondary schools throughout the country. This will ensure that all students have comparable experiences no matter their geographical location and that national educational objectives are being met in all government schools.


“Adherence to the curriculum will be an important factor in the accreditation of learning institutions. The curriculum shall promote national unity and ride. Nigerian history will be reintroduced to our classrooms. Indigenous language courses will be compulsory for all children through the completion of secondary school.”

On educational infrastructure, the APC presidential hopeful said: “We will invest in the infrastructure of educational institutions and provide adequate resources that improve the educational environment in which our children are taught.

“Our policies will alleviate classroom overcrowding and ensure that new schools have adequate space. We will make sure federally funded primary and secondary schools are safe, comfortable and sufficiently equipped with facilities for teaching and learning.


“We will prioritise the use of computers/internet services and technology-based learning resources in schools.”


He spoke of plans to revive technical and vocational education to stimulate Nigeria’s natural entrepreneurial spirit and empower more individuals towards self-reliance.

On his plan for tertiary education, Tinubu said the sector will be restructured to meet the 21st-century demands of the country.


“A Tinubu administration will rationalise the governance structures, funding and compensation structures of tertiary institutions,” he said in the document.


Tinubu also promised to institute a student loan regime with a maximum limit any student may borrow and flexible repayment provisions, adding that through, new legislation, his administration will establish a special education fund consisting of zero coupon federal bonds.

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