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Crisis Hits Obidient Movement,Group Set to Break Away

Barring a miracle, the Labour Party (LP) and over 500 hundred support groups that make up the “Obidient Movement,” may soon part ways, leaving the party in pains and Peter Obi’s presidential candidacy in jeopardy.


Investigation shows that funding and the composition of the Presidential Campaign Council (PPC) of the Labour Party are the major factors causing trouble. Complaints about the form of the PPC is still causing ripples since it was first constituted on October 12, 2022 and later rejigged and inaugurated last week, following complaints by aggrieved groups who felt left out.


Many leaders of the Obi/Datti support groups that travelled to Abuja for the inauguration of the PPC on Friday felt let down and exploited after they were told by the National Chairman of the party, Julius Abure, to ”go and source funds”


The Convener of some of the big groups with presence in many states and local government areas in the South confided in THEWILL  on condition of anonymity that the National Chairman’s response to their request for financial support had angered them.


He said, “Many of us have been spending money on this cause through contributions. We asked LP for funding support and we are being told to go and source funds. I paid my way to Abuja, paid for my accommodation and fed myself in a hotel and the party cannot offer any form of support to us for electioneering?”


Abure, during the inauguration of the PPC on Friday, urged members to go look for funds for the campaign because the presidential candidate does not have the funds to run the campaign alone.


“The presidential candidate of the party cannot fund the presidential contest alone. Therefore, all of us here have the responsibility to solicit for funds to fund the campaign,” Abure said after the installation of the PPC on Friday in Abuja.


On the composition of the PCC, other leaders who spoke to THEWILL pointed out many members are not stakeholders. Many who have been on the field to popularize the movement and LP indirectly, they said, have been excluded.


If things are left unattended to in the coming days, conveners of the aggrieved groups, who were still holding meetings on Friday night through Saturday morning, have threatened to pull out of the coalition with the LP and look for other candidates to support in the upcoming general election.


As a way out of this development, they are insisting on speaking directly with Obi before deciding on the next step.


Asked for his reaction, LP spokesperson, Abayomi Arabambi , simply said, “There is no problem.” Pressed further, he added, “ Nothing of the nature you are asking has been brought to my attention. In any case, people have the right to ventilate their complaints. But trust Nigerians, people will still complain, even when problems have been solved. But take it from me when I tell you that all is well.”


Presidential Spokesperson, Tanko Yinusa , could not be reached for his reaction and a member of the PPC, Kenny Adewole said he was not qualified to speak on the issue, when contacted.


As at press time, the Deputy Director-General of Campaign, South, Chief Anagbe Kentebe,  is said to have prevailed on the feuding groups to calm down and allow party leaders to look into their complaints.

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