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About Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu

Did you know?
1. Tinubu attended Richard Daley College, Chicago Illinois, where he earned himself a place in the honors list of the College.
2. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (Accounting and Management) from Chicago State University, Illinois.
3. He was honored with the Outstanding Student’s Award, The University Scholar’s Award and the Certificate of Merit in Accounting and Finance during his undergraduate years,
4. During his first year at Chicago State University, Tinubu was given the rare privilege to partly teach other students of his Faculty remedial tutorial classes. Most of his colleagues and contemporaries at the university attributed their improved grades to his tutorial lectures
5. In 1979, Tinubu earned with Honours a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (Accounting and Management)
6. Brilliant Tinubu was also awarded the prestigious Summa cum laude for scoring 3.54 out of possible 4.0 GP.
7. In his final year, Tinubu contested and won his first political election as the President of the Accounting Society of Chicago State University, Illinois.
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