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A Vote For Tinubu/Shettima Is A Vote For Bold And Right Leadership, Says Tolu Bankole

The National Leader Persons With Disabilities, PWDs, of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, Honourable Tolu Bankole has identified the painstaking action plan for the Solid Minerals Sector by Bola Tinubu in his policy document as a game changer for the Nigerian economy.


Bankole made this statement on Friday, during a media parley in Abuja.


According to him, the place of Solid Minerals in the socio-economic development of Nigeria is key and with Tinubu presidency, development of the strategic sector will be duly enhanced to bring out the wealth/prosperity in mining for the benefit of locals and improved revenue for government.


He assured Nigerians that Solid minerals will be given due attention in Tinubu’s administration which will boost Government revenue via export and also provide massive employment opportunities for Nigerians.


“Our government will make it a priority to encourage industries vital to national development. This means growing our industrial base to provide jobs to an expanding urban population”.


He noted that through the development of an industrial development master plan, the presidential candidate will extend tax and other credits as well as urban youth employment incentives to domestic manufacturing entities.


We will encourage domestic manufacturers and producers to add value to basic products thus promoting value-added industry and production. These incentives will include lower import tariffs on semimanufactured goods production lines such as the automotive and IT industries.


“Tinubu will promote IT to boost industrial creativity while spurring the financial inclusion of larger segments of the population by encouraging greater use of innovative new technologies.


” Provide Tax credits, holidays and reduced interest rate loans to businesses that hire a certain percent of youth in their workforce and provide genuine on-thejob training and mentoring for their young employees.


“In the North West and North East, new industrial hubs will focus on textiles. In the South East and South South, a new hub and dry port will focus investment on labour intensive manufacturing.


“In the South West, fine quality sand will be turned into the highest-quality glass items.


“In areas with deposits of clay, household items such as dishes and pottery will be manufactured. “In the North Central, emphasis will be placed on solid mineral exploration and exploitation.


“In the North West and North Central, clandestine, environmentally harmful unlicensed gold mining activities will be ended. Regulated mining will be instituted such that environmental protection is maintained and local artisans and craftsmen can earn income turning raw gold into finished jewellery.


“If voted into government, multinationals and local investors will be encouraged to come into the sector.


“Mistakes of the current degrading ecological practices in the oil producing areas of the country will not be repeated.”


A vote for APC and by extension Tinubu/Shettima in 2023 is a vote for bold and right leadership. A vote for increase revenue and opportunities via efficient latest technology driven solid minerals development across Nigeria” Bankole stressed.

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