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2023: If Nigeria fails, Africa has failed


Ahead of the 2023 Presidential election, the running mate to the presidential candidate of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, Senator Kashim Shettima has described Tinubu as the best candidate to rescue Nigeria Shettima made this statement yesterday in Abuja during a one-day public symposium organized by APC Professionals with the theme: “Dissecting the Asiwaju Manifesto – Renewed Hope 2023.”
According to him, the nation is lagging behind in many ways and cannot afford to gamble with its choice of leader in 2023. He noted that Nigeria is the pride of the black race, and if Nigeria fails, Africa as a whole has failed. The former Borno State Governor advised Nigerians to look beyond ethnicity, religion and political affiliation and rather vote for superiority of ideas and track records.
“Other nations are talking about edge computing, phantom computing, blockchain, internet of things and big data while we are wasting our time and energy talking about farmers and herdsmen clashes, geography and geography of the places of our worship. And our former colonial masters have elected Rishi Sunak, a first generation Hindu immigrant as the prime minister of Britain after their romance with tribalism with Liz Truss failed spectacularly. “Right now the home secretary of Britain is of Indian descent.
The foreign minister, James Cleverly is of Sierra Leonean descent and the Secretary for international trade, kemi badenoch is of Nigeria descent. “What is important your excellencies, ladies and gentlemen, is how to reposition the Nigeria nation because the trajectory of global growth is facing Africa and Nigeria will make or mar that transition has failed.
“And the global economy sadly is currently heading towards a recession. The bank of England has predicted that England is going to go through a very long and deep recession. In the upcoming winter our former colonial masters are backsliding to the status of a third world nation because 70 per cent of UK citizens will have a choice between heating or eating.
That is how bad it is. “I’m an eternal optimist but I’m also a realist. We cannot shield ourselves from the global realities in Ukraine and we are going to be confronted with it in the coming weeks and months.thrives on the superiority of ideas and track records. If it is based on superiority of ideas and track records, then Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the best,” Shettima said
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